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Failure is ok! Empowering youth through one of life’s most powerful teachers.

Introducing Shift Failure, a bold, new experiential education program for youth.

Failure is a brilliant teacher that can equip students with critical life skills, from resilience to perseverance. In these five dynamic project-based lessons, students are empowered through first-hand experience to view failure not as shameful but as welcomed, valued, and celebrated. Designed to allow their entrepreneurial spirit to flourish, Shift Failure will help increase their propensity to be more productive and innovative.

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Getting Started

This educator guide is designed to help set you and your students up for success. It includes an overview of the initiative, scope and sequence, a pacing guide plus supportive and interactive resources.

Lesson Plans + Classroom Resources
Every failure is just feedback Starn the way to success.
Dan Sodegren